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My name is Alejandro Piad. I majored in Computer Science at the University of Havana on 2013, and completed a Master in 2016. I currently work there as Instructor Professor, teaching Introduction to Programming, Videogames Development, and some other stuff in the Faculty of Math and Computer Science. I'm also an active developer and entrepreneur, currently working as co-founder of Isladata, and many open source projects as well.

I have several research and development interests, ranging from computer graphics and videogames to artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and data mining. I'm also an active participant in entrepreneurial workshops and events in Cuba and worldwide.

On the personal side, I love to hangout with my friends, play computer games (either solo or on big LAN parties), read a lot of sci-fi and watch anime and Marvel movies. However, must of the time I'm just coding, either on some school project, or a new idea, or just for fun.

Latest Projects


Isladata - Insights that matter

In 2014 I co-founded Isladata, a Cuban startup for consulting services in data mining, predictive analytics, and text mining with headquarter in Havana, Cuba, I now work there as head of Data Analysis, mostly developing the data visualization tools we use to empower our customers for better decision-making.

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Hexcrable - Word Building Game

This was the first game I developed and published on the Google Play store in 2014. Its objective was simply to to build an MVP and test all the publishing-marketing-monetization chain. Hence, it is not very polished, and most installs are not listed on Google Play, because people in Cuba just copy the APKs phone to phone.

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Open Source Projects

Autoexam Open Source

Autoexam is a tool me and other colleagues in the University of Havana are developing for the automated generation and grading of exams. It's focused on using low cost cameras, instead of high-end scanners, and it even works with the phone camera.

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Game Development for Computer Scientists Open Source

This is a very initial book me and a colleague are writing on the topic of game development, based on our course in the University of Havana. It is open for collaboration, and we plan to cover many topics from graphics and physics, to game AI, to publishing and marketing.

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Work Experience

Instructor Professor - University of Havana (2013 - Present)

I currently teach Programming for first year undergrad students on the Computer Science major. I also teach an optional course on Game Development for undergrads and post-graduate students, and a few ocassional classes in Machine Learning, History of Computer Science, and Simulation.

Head of Data Analysis - Isladata (2014 - Present)

In Isladata I'm in charge of data analysis, which means primarily data visualization (charts, graphs, etc.), but also deciding what information is presented, in which format, and so forth. Hence, I do a lot of frontend development, both plain HTML and JavaScript, as well as some specialized libraries such as d3js.